Sanitizing Your Restaurant

When I started working at my uncle's restaurant, I knew that there were a few things I needed to adjust. First and foremost, I decided to start working on cleaning things up. It had been quite awhile since the place had been cleaned thoroughly, so I focused on sanitation and garbage removal. I hired a trash removal company to come in and remove old equipment, and then we worked on taking special care to deep clean all of the different appliances. It was amazing to see how big of a difference we were able to make. This blog is all about sanitizing your restaurant.

2 Ways To Create A New Patio


If you are getting ready to landscape your backyard, there are probably things that you want to have so that you can enjoy yourself when you are out there. That can include things like a patio and a sidewalk or walkway. If you want to have those things, there are all kinds of options open to you. 


Pavers are stones or concrete blocks that can be fitted together to create a patio or walkway. You can put pavers down by themselves to create stepping stones for you to use to walk through your yard or your garden. Pavers come in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can mix together the sizes or shapes to make an interesting pattern. They also come in a variety of colors which will give you the chance to play with patterns as well. If you use pavers, your patio isn't going to be one solid whole. It will be more like a puzzle. However, that can make it easier to fix any broken bits. You can just lift out the broken paver and put in a new one. 

Stamped Concrete

A stamped concrete patio is another option. Stamped concrete is poured as a whole. Then after it is all skimmed and leveled, the concrete is stamped using a template. The template can be any shape that you want it to be. Sections of concrete can be colored as well, so it can look like you have patches of bricks in the middle of a different kind of material, if you so desire. You can also use this same option to create a walkway or path. Stamped concrete could also work for stepping stones. The way that stepping stones would be created is that the concrete would be poured into mold. The mold could be any kind of shape that you want, even something irregular if you want to have a more organic shape. Then the concrete is stamped in the same way. The mold would stay around the concrete stepping stone until it is almost completely dry. That way the concrete won't leave the shape you want. 

If you are ready to landscape your backyard, you probably want to have something that you can use to sit outside and enjoy it. There are options that you can use when it comes to creating the backyard of your dreams, including pavers or stamped concrete to make a patio or walkway. Talk to local stamped concrete services to learn more. 


26 June 2016