Sanitizing Your Restaurant

When I started working at my uncle's restaurant, I knew that there were a few things I needed to adjust. First and foremost, I decided to start working on cleaning things up. It had been quite awhile since the place had been cleaned thoroughly, so I focused on sanitation and garbage removal. I hired a trash removal company to come in and remove old equipment, and then we worked on taking special care to deep clean all of the different appliances. It was amazing to see how big of a difference we were able to make. This blog is all about sanitizing your restaurant.

Staying Safe When Using A Dumpster During A Home Cleanout


If you are about to clean out your home of several unwanted items, you are most likely excited about the added space you will soon have to utilize to your liking. Most people will rent a dumpster when there is an abundance of building materials and household trash that needs to be hauled away. If you have decided to rent a dumpster for this project, knowing how to use it properly is important so you do not put yourself at risk for injury or cause damage to your property. Here are some tips you can use to keep yourself safe when using a dumpster to remove no longer needed belongings from your home.

Position The Dumpster Properly

When the dumpster rental service brings your container to your home, have them place it in an area close enough to your home that you won't be struggling with heavy items as you walk to the container to throw them away. The ground where the dumpster is placed should be flat. Many people use an asphalt or cement driveway as their placement point. If you do not have a finished driveway, place wood boards on the ground where you intend on having the rental service set the container. This will help keep the wheels from sinking into the ground.

To help keep your dumpster from rolling, prop bricks or large stones around the wheels for stability. Make sure the dumpster is not placed too close to a neighboring property or the street so unwanted items are not thrown into the enclosure without permission.

Be Sure Of What Can Be Placed Inside 

Ask the dumpster rental service for a list of items they do not remove so you can make an effort not to place them in the enclosure. This will include hazardous materials like chemicals or flammable liquids. The dumpster service may have alternate means to remove these items, or they may be able to point you into the right direction in finding a company that would handle the removal professionally. Do not smoke anywhere near the dumpster to avoid a possible fire.

Protect Your Body From Potential Injury

As you place items in the dumpster, it is a good idea to wear steel-toed shoes or boots and heavy-duty gloves. This will protect your body if something you are tossing inside happens to fall out of the enclosure. Have someone help you with larger items to minimize the risk of the weight falling back toward your body. Do not climb onto the exterior sides or get inside the dumpster as your weight can cause materials to shift, possibly causing you injury.

Watch The Weight Distribution

It is important to place items in the dumpster as evenly as you can. Do not toss everything to one side as this can cause the enclosure to tip if the weight on that side becomes too heavy. If the enclosure appears to be getting full enough where it is difficult to find a spot to place items without searching for room, call the dumpster rental service to ask for a swap from an empty enclosure. The material you place inside should not be visible above the top rim of the dumpster as items could fall out onto people or into the road when the service hauls the container away.

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16 June 2016