Sanitizing Your Restaurant

When I started working at my uncle's restaurant, I knew that there were a few things I needed to adjust. First and foremost, I decided to start working on cleaning things up. It had been quite awhile since the place had been cleaned thoroughly, so I focused on sanitation and garbage removal. I hired a trash removal company to come in and remove old equipment, and then we worked on taking special care to deep clean all of the different appliances. It was amazing to see how big of a difference we were able to make. This blog is all about sanitizing your restaurant.

When You Own A Septic System: Signs That Your Septic System Isn't Working Properly


When you own a home with a septic system, it's important to keep your septic system properly maintained. When you don't get your system pumped out, this can lead to waste water and solid buildup in your system. In general, you should have your system pumped out every two years, or more if you have a lot of people living in your home filling up your septic tank. If you have noticed standing water with no known origin, or your yard is smelling like sulfur, it's time to have your septic system checked out by a professional.

If You Notice Puddles in Your Yard

One of the biggest indications that your septic system has failed is having puddles in your yard that aren't caused by rain. The puddles are caused from waste water coming up from your septic tank and pipe system instead of seeping through into the groundwater below. Your septic tank may be full and unable to contain the waste within, or your leech field may be unable to handle the waste water coming to it.  

You Yard Smells Like Sulfur

If you have a septic system and your yard begins to smell like sulfur, it's time to have your system checked right away. Waste water often smells like sulfur, and this can mean that your system is beginning to fail. Left untreated, your septic system can completely fail, causing a need to have to fully replace the system.

Go By the Calendar

If you suddenly realize that your septic system hasn't been emptied for several years, you need to have the system pumped out. Even if you don't notice any signs that your system is overloaded, going by the calendar is an excellent way to set up a predicable maintenance schedule for your septic system.

If Toilets or Drains are Draining Slowly

When the drains in your home are slow to empty out, your septic system is probably getting full. While one drain being slow is probably a clog, more than one drain going slowly means there is a problem with the overall drainage capabilities of your septic system. If you notice water leaving slowly, or your toilet takes time to drain, you need to get your septic system serviced.

Your septic system needs regular pumping and maintenance in order to work properly. When you ignore a problem with your septic system, it only becomes bigger. To avoid costly repairs, have your septic system serviced today. Contact a company like Five Star Sanitation Services for more information.


13 June 2016